Scupper Bowls
Specialty Fountains

Scupper bowls can be integrated into you pool's circulation system or configured as stand-alone features.
We offer a heavy cast stone scupper as well as a lightweight composite scupper.

Scupper Bowls Scupper Bowls
Scupper Bowls

Round Cast Stone Scupper Bowls

Small Single Scupper Bowl 7.5"H x 21"Diam $305.25 #SC-101P
Medium Scupper Bowl 10"H x 27" Diam $412.50 #SC-102P
Large Single Scupper Bowl 12"H x 33" Diam $528.00 #SC-103P
Large Double Scupper Bowl 12"H x 35" Diam $585.75 #SC-104P
Large Catch Basin 14"H x 39" Diam $585.75 #SC-106P

Square Cast Stone Scupper Bowls

Small Square Scupper 7"H x 24"Sq. $310.00 #SC-107P
Large Square Scupper 10"H x 36" Sq. $660.00 #SC-108P
Square Catch Basin 7.5"H x 30" Sq. $465.00 #SC-109P
**All scuppers overhang 3" except Large Square Scupper

Cast Stone Pedestals

Square or Round Plain Pedestal Block 11"H x 14" $129.00 #SC-201P
Round Rockport Pedestal 15"H x 13.5" Base $129.00 #SC-202P
Large Square Base 8"H x 18.5" Sq. $189.75 #SC-203P
Post Pedestal 36"H x 12" Sq. $462.00 #SC-204P

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QualArcKutstoneTM Composite Scupper Bowls

Specialty Fountains is pleased to be partnered with QualArc,
maker of KutstoneTM Composite Site & Patio Amenities.

  • Made with real crushed stone, blended with high quality resin and reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength.
  • Looks and feels like real stone, color throughout material.
  • More economical than real stone pieces, comparable in price to concrete.
  • Lightweight: easier handling, less installation labor, cheaper shipping.
  • Fill with soil, sand, rock or concrete to add weight and provide a solid foundation.
  • Sealed with UV resistant matte sealant.
  • Easy to drill and add plumbing (not included).

  • Roman Scupper Bowls

    Roman Scupper Bowls

    24" with spout $269.00 #RSCP-2410
    30" with spout $399.00 #RSCP-3013
    36" with spout $589.00 #RSCP-3615
    (sandstone only)

    Roman Planters

    24" $189.00 #ROPL-2410
    30" $319.00 #ROPL-3013
    36" $409.00 #ROPL-3615
    46" $619.00 #ROPL-4617
    Roman Scupper Bowls Roman Scupper Bowls
    Cubic Scupper bowl

    Cubic Scupper Bowl

    30" Cubic Scupper with spout $359.00 #CSCP-3008
    36" Cubic Scupper with spout $469.00 #CSCP-3610
    42" Cubic Scupper with spout $619.00 #CSCP-4211

    Cubic Planter

    24" Cubic Planter $179.00 #CUPL-2407
    30" Cubic Planter $285.00 #CUPL-3008
    36" Cubic Planter $399.00 #CUPL-3610
    42" Cubic Planter $539.00 #CUPL-4211
    cubic scupper

    Cubic Pedestal Riser

    for 24" bowl $41.00 CUPR-2406
    for 30" bowl $60.00 CUPR-3006
    for 36"bowl $85.00 CUPR-3606
    for 42" bowl $109.00 CUPR-4207

    Available Colors for
    Kutstone TM Products
    Kutstone Color Options

    For related QualArc products please visit their website.

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