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Specialty Fountains is proud to be partnered with Robinson Iron. Fountains provide a striking focal point in any private garden or public square.
Robinson Iron's classically inspired pieces may be combined in a variety of ways to form large, intermediate or small scale pieces.
Cast iron fountains add an historical touch to any garden, yard or water feature. These fountains are designed to be the centerpiece of fountain pool.
For ideas for fountain pools, please see our Fountain Pools page.
*Prices do not include pumps or additional plumbing needed for installation
*Prices listed below are for statuary only/please call or email to discuss fountain pool options
*Freight charges are not included
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Cast Iron Bittern Fountain
Cast Iron Bittern Fountain
8' 1"H x 4'W
Base Diameters 1st 4', 2nd 2' 10"
780 lbs.
$12,250.00 (statue only)
Shown with 8' Dia. Frog & Turtle Basin
Weight 1,000 lbs.
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